Today’s Hiring Failures Are Due to Being Uncoachable!

Jeannette Seibly
4 min readJul 26, 2021
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Many new hires today are failing in their jobs. The #1 reason? They are not coachable!”-Jeannette Seibly

Poor interpersonal skills are the reason why there are so many hiring failures today!

The #1 issue? They are uncoachable!

Why is being coachable important? It reflects the ability to accept and put in place feedback from bosses, team members, customers, and others! (Leadership IQ) Being coachable is why leaders and teams succeed in business!

Here are shocking stats:

· Almost half of new employees today will fail within 18 months of hire.

· Almost 90% of the time it’s due to the new hires’ attitudes and poor interpersonal skills.

· Only 11% of failures are due to technical skills. (Leadership IQ)

Many hiring managers admit overlooking or explaining away flaws they saw during interviews. But they were unsure what to do with these insights or biases because they failed to use real, consistent data that job fit assessments offer. They hired the job candidates based on technical and other hard skills, but fired them due to poor interpersonal skills!

To improve your hiring and selection process, it starts during the interview by making this important time count!

7 Keys to Improve Your Hiring Success

1. Job Fit Is #1. According to a Harvard Business Review study, job fit is why people succeed! Use a qualified job fit assessment to ensure you’re seeing the whole person objectively. When using real and consistent data, you can delve deeper and learn more about the person before hiring them! This avoids surprises!

2. Determine Coachability by Asking These Two Interview Questions. A coachable person is looking to improve and is willing to ask for help to do so.

Ask: “When was the last time you made a mistake?” and “How did you handle it?”

Then, listen for:

· “What did s/he learn?”

· “Who did s/he talk with?”

· “Why did the mistake happen?”

· “What were the results?”



Jeannette Seibly

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